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This insightful definition:

Whoring vs Prostitution

Prostitution is when money is the critical motivation for some activity. The average person in corporatocracy is in fact a prostitute. Most people do the jobs they do only for the money, not because they actually enjoy "the work" enough to continue doing it even without a monetary reward. You can verify this by asking them if they'd still do what they now do as "work", if they'd just won or inherited a billion dollars, and no longer had to work for a living. This is also a reminder that what anyone does for a living is not who they are, which may also remind us that we are spirits incarnate in bodies. Prostitution is a word which applies to far more circumstances than the usual legal definition, where the meaning is focused only upon "whoring". The English language definition "the act, or an instance of, offering or devoting one's talent to an unworthy use or cause", is far more akin in meaning to the word "pollution" than to "whoring".

From the local NBC affiliate, WESH Channel 2

Irresistible Headlines

Prostitutes Look To Score At Super Bowl

Prostitutes Look To Score At Super Bowl
Phoenix Police Going After Hookers, Customers

POSTED: 9:34 am EST January 28, 2008

Football players aren't the only professionals who will be looking to score in Phoenix this week. Police are getting for ready for the oldest profession in the Super Bowl's host city.

Arizona authorities have stepped up patrols, promising to sweep out so-called circuit girls and their pimps before next Sunday's Super Bowl. Circuit girls are upscale hookers who blend in with the high-rollers.

But it isn't just the hookers who have to worry about the police. Phoenix police Sgt. Joel Trantor said they will also be going after the customers.

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God forbid we should see these circuit girls in mixed company with fine upstanding citizens, some of them their johns. Keep 'em out of sight, don't make the white upper middle class deal with reality at all costs.


and immediately following that story, this one.....

Schools Paying Students To Boost Test Scores

Schools Paying Students To Boost Test Scores
Incentives Part Of $6M Plan To Boost Student Performance

POSTED: 10:31 am EST January 24, 2008
UPDATED: 2:22 pm EST January 24, 2008

BALTIMORE -- Students in Baltimore's high schools will get a cash incentive to boost their scores on the state graduation exams. The school system plans to spend nearly $1 million on the incentives.

Students who have failed at least one exam under Maryland's High School Assessments will earn $25 for improving test performance by 5 percent. If they improve an additional 15 percent, they will get an additional $35. Another 20 percent improvement will earn an additional $50.

State school Superintendent Nancy Grasmick has approved the plan, with the provision that the school system closely track student results.

City schools CEO Dr. Andres Alonso said he supports the idea, but not many others are with him in that notion. Alonso said it will work for students who have failed the test at least once. "To me, it's just common sense. I know there is a perspective that passing the test is their job anyway, but guess what? It hasn't worked," he said.

But Mayor Sheila Dixon said she is not happy, saying pay-to-pass is news to her. "We are just sending mixed messages. It's like giving a child an allowance but they don't do anything. That's unheard of. I don't give allowances, but you still have responsibilities to do. I really have some mixed feelings on this," she said.

The Baltimore city teachers union and a student member of the school board both said they have concerns about the idea. "What about our children who have passed this test on their own, who come to school every day? Those are the ones I think we ought to be rewarding financially," said teachers union President Marietta English.

The incentives are only part of a broader $6 million plan to boost student performance on the tests. The plan includes the hiring of private companies for tutoring, after-school and Saturday classes, test preparation materials and teacher training. It will begin next month.

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A. What's the difference here?
B. So, we're teaching our kids how to whore themselves at a very young age?


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