Friday, October 07, 2011

Nancy Grace: A Broken Heart and a Poisoned Mind

 from People Magazine online today at,,20534097,00.html

Nancy Grace: Amanda Knox Decision Is 'Miscarriage of Justice'

Nancy Grace doesn't see an innocent young woman in Amanda Knox, who was tried and convicted of the 2007 murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher – and then set free Monday after a successful appeal.

"I think that it was a miscarriage of justice," Grace told PEOPLE Monday night after performing a waltz on Dancing with the Stars. "I only hope that Ms. Knox makes something of her life now because she's certainly been given a second chance."

She added, "Very few people are given the chance that she has been given today."

Poor Nancy. She is a bitter, angry woman. She seeks to entertain frightened, angry folks like herself with her vitriol and venom. In all fairness, it does come naturally. Her fiance was ripped from her life by a maniac exercising his Second Amendment "rights" after being fired from his job at a construction site. He mistook Grace's love for the boss with whom he had issues. The young man's face was blown off by a shotgun. 

The pain is palpable in Grace's comments above even as she in turn inflicts wounds on anyone who would even question her punitive worldview and the angry misanthropy which issue forth from it.  Were I in her place, I might well find it difficult to work through such unbearable grief and anger as well.

Here is the advice I left to Nancy at the People website:

Dear Nancy,

Your fiance was murdered, taken away from you unjustly and brutally. You should mourn his loss and move on. Your anger cannot bring him back. It clouds your judgment. You confuse punitiveness with justice and as a result spew venom throughout the universe.

Time to let go, Nancy. Time to heal. Time to grow. You, too, have been given a second chance. Don't spit in the eye of the Creator who has given it to you.

Somehow I doubt Nancy will hear this. As such, she merits our compassion even as we resist her messages of hate. I do wish her well.

The Rev. Harry Scott Coverston, J.D., Ph.D.
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